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Take the learning deeper and flip it

What is it?

Flipped learning seems to be a trend in education currently and for good reason. It helps the students and the teacher achieve a deeper learning experience and work at blooms higher order thinking levels. Ticking all those essential OUTSTANDING boxes on that senior managers or OFSTED inspectors check list.

As previously discussed in our blog “Teaching and Learning – An Untamed Approach” teaching is most effective when students work things out for themselves and they are more motivated and engaged when they have control over their own learning. Flipped learning is a teaching technique that allows these two things to happen fantastically.

In a nutshell this concept involves the students being exposed to the new learning content outside the classroom, which frees up the class time to explore and apply the information in different ways.


The ingredients

So if you want to flip the learning in your classroom make sure you include these core elements.

  1. Provide an opportunity for students to gain first exposure prior to class.
  2. Provide an incentive for students to prepare for class.
  3. Provide a mechanism to assess student understanding.
  4. Provide in-class activities that focus on higher level cognitive activities.

Good luck and let us know if your teaching and learning experience flipped or flopped with this technique by adding a comment below.

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